Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Rock

Last night was a fun family night orchestrated by Jenna - dinner and concert with the Trans Siberian Orchestra - a Rock Opera about Christmas.

 It's worth watching the trailer here: . 

Actually the attic story and stage setting with the opening of the magical trunk totally captured the magic and mystical feeling of the Christmas season.  The light show and pryo synchronization was spectacular.  Don't come thinking you will hear the traditional Christmas music - but the rock arrangements were fun to experience.

It was a fun evening and quite a contrast from the tradition of going to the Nutcracker Ballet.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Golden Birthday Card

As I eagerly awaited sorting the mail for all those Birthday cards (nada) the envelope from the Ohio Department of Aging  appeared.  YES ...   my GOLDEN BUCKEYE card (not a birthday card) was enclosed :)   As it said:  I've joined 2.4 million Ohioans in this privileged club.  "Golden Buckeyes are not defined by their age, but inspired by it."
So immediately I decided to head to the site to see how to "unleash your power".  The next milestone is a signed certificate from the Governor and Director of the Ohio Department of Aging when I turn 90. 

Just a short 30 years from today :)    Maybe that's a Platinum Buckeye!