Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heaven Board

I've decided to create my own Heaven Board. It started with the Wednesday Men's Fellowship discussion of what was our vision of Heaven. That combined with S.B.'s comment in Vistage that she was creating a "Goals" Board. So I determined that I would do some research and begin my own "Heaven Board".
Actually, this is not a new project. Many years ago after watching "Heaven Can't Wait", I wanted to compile a video of the many movie depictions of Heaven. So I am in the process of rewatching the many movies with some connection to Heaven or the after life - Made in Heaven, Ghost, Heart and Souls, Heaven (Diane Keaton's documentary) etc.
I am also reading selective books on the subject. Yesterday I picked up the poster board with the background of clouds and clear blue sky. So the design process has begun. This project will take a while - I intend to let the process linger.
Heaven Can Wait :)

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