Monday, June 21, 2010

I need a Charge

Whoever solves the power dilemma of rechargeable batteries will be the next Bill Gates. I can't think of anyone that is satisfied with their rechargeable batteries - cell phone, laptop etc. Yes there is that irritating symbol on the phone or laptop of battery strength - but the reality is most of us don't pay attention to it before it is too late.

Add to this, that most recommendations is to allow the battery to fully drain for optimal battery life. The memory of the last charge creates an ever decreasing life (or so I understand). I've finally come to the realization that my laptop battery will work approximately 10 -20 minutes. I just keep it plugged in continuously - day and night.

And what about all those clunking AC adapters. None are standard and all sit around a house plugged in draining so small amount of electric power continuously (what a waste).

I've given up trying to re-charge AAA, AA, C and D batteries at home. What we really need is ubiquitous plugs for all our power need everywhere.

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