Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nostalgia Mecca

The internet has provided us nostalgia mecca - everything you need to document the vague memory of the past. I have been spending days listening to reel to reel tapes that I recorded back in 1968. Whether it is a song or an album, a quick search finds the album cover and listings of songs.

One of the reels I taped was Friday May 31, 1968 the WFIL 560 (Philly) Dr. Don Rose (the DJ) radio broadcast from 9:37am to 10:49am. What an interesting snapshot in time - with commercials for Dodge, Schick, Coppertone, local retailers, Canada Dry Sport, Pepsi, and Woolworth. Also the local news with NJ Bell Strike, the 19th Heart Transplant, Kennedy/McCarthy debate, Vietnam peace talks, etc.

Finding these undocumented jewels was an interesting journey as I reviewed the 20 reels that I confiscated from my parents. Now fully documented, I can decide to transfer the media. For the albums and songs it is a waste of time because the internet contains it all - with narrative and blogging opines.

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