Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heaven Board Entry #2

A.M. nudged me in the ribs-  back to consciousness - on Sunday afternoon during the Womens qualifier match that we were watching at the Masters Tournament in Mason, Ohio.  I was his guest since we had not renewed our box after 20 years of tradition (plus another 12 years of volunteering).

I was originally not going to go to any of the games this year thinking that going would create a feeling of regret.  Instead, it was a perfect August day, overcast with a cool breeze and the sun poppping in and out with all the memories of 32 years.

It hit me - this was Heaven Board Entry #2! That feeling of meditation during a quiet match with the sound of the ball going back and forth in a long rally.  No picture (since my eyes were closed) - just the sound of the ball, and the feel of the sun, surrounded by quiet souls enjoying the match - each in their own way. 

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