Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stealing our Caregiving Gifts

I think that the entitlement portion of our Government spending is "stealing the joy of giving".  In 1965 entitlement spending was 2.5% of GDP and today it is 10% of GDP.  Of course the bulk of this spending is Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and the aging population demographics.  And when I combine these three programs into one social cause it falls squarely into the lap of caring for the elderly.

Today, I was reflecting in my morning meditation about how quickly 20 years has gone by.  The 20 years of joy with raising Jenna and the remaining two years I have while she is in college.  The priviledge of being a care giver and provider for 20 years was a two way gift from me to her and visa versa.

Caring for the elderly falls into the same category - an available gift at the end of life vs the beginning.  I always marveled at the comments of people who talked about the priviledge of caring for their spouse or parent with extreme care situations.  But it makes sense when I think of the great memories I feel thinking of raising Jenna and Ellen  - and raising kids at times is extreme work :)

So the "consent of the governed" has concluded we should tax each other today (or tomorrow) so that when we become elderly no one will feel responsible or the duty to take care of us at the end - financially, emotionally and physically.  We are stealing our own caregiving gift to others - the chance to care for each other.

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