Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ellen and I went to the Verizon store to procure a phone for her.  It was her reward for trying out and making the tennis team.  As the rep approached the 5 (and only 5) phones available that require no data plan, Ellen's expresssion was evident -  these were all "loser phones".  As I began inquiring about the difference in the phones she immediately began perusing  the 20-30 different model "smartphones".

All of those smart phones REQUIRE the data plan (at $30/mth).  This is the cell phone's conspiracy to get each subscriber in a family to pay an extra $30/mth (since there are no family plans for internet access).  So it was a big decision for Ellen.  I told her I would only pay for what the "loser phone" plan and phone - she would have to anne up for any additional costs. 

It was a tough decision - but Ellen made her choice - the i-phone which really means i-payalot. 

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