Friday, August 19, 2011

Toys for Boys

My office sits above Ted's Toys and today as I was returning with my coffee, there was a small boy, cupped hands peering into the window of Ted's Toys waiting it's opening at 10am.  I remember my own version of riding the bike from the house in Berwyn Pa. to the local toy store - money in hand awaiting a selection of a board game. 

Now the toys are all high tech and expensive.  In fact the desire for Boys to want Toys never goes away.  Several weekends ago R.M. and I decided to head out on Sunday morning to Best Buy.  Just like the boy today we got there too early - the store was not opened yet.  So off to Dicks Sporting Goods next door to check out those toys first.

The old adage "He who dies with the most toys wins" drives the college buddy "one upmanship" trying to "win" the toy accumulation game.

Some things never change - just the toys.

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