Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daniel Boone's Grave

K.C. and I had a road trip yesterday to Woodford Reserve with a sidebar visit to Frankfort, Ky. (on my request) to visit Daniel Boone's Grave.  A beautiful location in Frankfort Cemetery on the edge of  the hillside overlooking the Ky. river and the Capitol building in the distance.  Actually it is Daniel and Rebecca's final resting place. 

Just mentioning Daniel Boone creates an image of Fess Parker and the TV Series. Originally wanting the series to be Davy Crockett (after the wild success of the 1955 Disney Mini Series and later edited into a movie ), 20th Century Fox Television could not secure the rights and consequently designed the series around Daniel Boone but was able to get Fess Parker to play the lead.  So forever - 1960's kids will think Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone looked alike (see March 19. 2010 blog - Coonskin Hats).

K.C. snapped a photo of me by the grave - the only thing I lacked was my 1960 rifle and Coonskin Hat.  - oops I found them but who was Davy Crockett and who was Daniel Boone?

PS - Just got the proof that I was there :)

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