Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting Old

Today in Friday Morning Bible Study, after describing an upcoming root canal and eye surgery, B.B. said "Getting old isn't for Sissys!".  A quote as good as B.W.'s about aging (Body Part Failure - Sept. 29, 2010). 

The mystery of aging will forever intrigue scientists.  Why does someone live 100 years?   In the Middle Ages (life expectancy of 30) the key to success was getting past the age of 21.  If you did that you would likely live another 43 years.  We do know that life expectancy is increasing - but even the cause of that is subject to argument. 

All we can be sure of is that we are older today than yesterday.  Our own personal rate of decline, accident probability, and body part failure is unknown to us. Even the amount of "control" we have in proactively impacting our aging process is questionable.  But it is prudent to manage the process. 

My best suggestion for managing the process is to listen carefully to older people.  Afterall, by definition they have been more successful than you have (so far).  And I don't want to be called a Sissy :)

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