Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You're not Covered

One of my pet peeves is the dislike of paying for insurance.  Part of this is that I have no confidence that why my incident occurs that my insurance policy will be covered.  How many of us have read carefully the policy? 

I just heard on NPR that only 40% of the damage done by hurricane Irene will be covered by insurance.  Many of the policies do not have flood insurance - and the damage is water flooding. Hmmmm - normally water comes with hurricanes - but my guess is that someone with a hurricane policy is getting the comment - "Did you read your policy carefully?" by the Insurance Agency.

My best story about this is when we were about to move to Hudson, Ohio and the house inspection that we had offered on revealed varmin damage (probably racoon) in the attic.   I called my Insurance Agency (Allstate at the time) to ask if my house would have been covered.  They said - yes but it depends on whether it was rodent, vermin or wildlife and it depended on the size of the vermin (example - Bear damage is covered) and whether the house was vacant for a long period of time.  What an out -  I would need pictures, DNA samples, and presence to prove if I was covered!!!!

So I diligently pay my insurance premium each year - expecting that I won't be covered.

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