Wednesday, August 10, 2011

B Players

I remember one quote by A.C. at Accenture when I was fighting for staff to be assigned on my job.  We were talking about "A" players and "B" players.  A.C. asked me - "Do you know why Accenture is successful?  It is the "B" players that makes us successful."  A.C was full of great quotes and he is a great observer of people. 

"I rate a player like good basketball players - watch what they do when they DON'T have the ball" - was another one of A.C.'s classic lines. 

"There are three types of staff - those that make things happen, those that don't make things happen, and those that walk around and say  - What happened? "

It was a priviledge to be mentored by A.C. at Accenture.  His wisdom and flexibility was evident in his management philosophy and style.

Afterall - he put up with me -  the "B" player.

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