Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5C + B

Tonight was an evening of helping Ellen in World History and Math.  She is studying the history of the Middle East from 1100 to 2015 - almost 1000 years of conflict.  However the bulk of the facts she is required to learn 1948 - 2015 I have lived through (and studied as current events when I was a junior).  How humbling to know history - because you lived it!

Then pulling the Pre-Calc memories out of my faded Math degree, I attempted to show my prowess at story problems using algebraic expressions (e.g. 5C + B = f(x) ). Actually Ellen had to correct me several times. 

Thankfully, last night was good preparation for both Middle East  history and  basic algebra.  It was an evening  with J.P. and K.C. which we have labeled Boston Legal #6. The title came to be based on the humor, philosophy and friendship of the closing scenes of the old Boston Legal TV series. 

We tried to solve world problems (which focused primarily on the Middle East) and even did some math:

Company, Conversation, Communing, Cinema ..... and Cigars   +   Bourbon =  F(un)

Monday, September 21, 2015

What is Truth?

It was a full compliment in the Sunday evening Bible Study group as we start a new series "The Truth Project".  The famous question of Pilate to Jesus was "What is Truth?" and that question can be quite different based on the inflection of the words.


How coincidental since tonight is Cincinnati Legal #6 (renamed from Boston Legal) and J.P. and I have debated this question for the last 10 years (the first Blog documentation was The Real Story 12/18/2009).

A quick search on the word Truth in my blog found a litany of posts:
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So add another to the list ......  What is Truth?  My answer........

A philosophical question that will be debated until you see the face of GOD.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Football Fall Fun & Facts

Saturday was a gorgeous fall day with the first home game for Miami U (Oxford).  Susan, Ellen, her friend S.T. and I enjoyed lunch at 45 East and walking on campus prior to the game.  S.T.  indicated an interest in Florida Universities for her college selection.  As a loyal M.U. graduate, I told her the favorite trivia response when people assume Miami University is in Florida. 
"Miami (of Ohio) was a University before Florida was admitted as a state in the Union!
Miami was defeated by U.C.  33 -37 in the final minutes. This is the fifth longest college football rivalry - The Battle for the Bell played since 1888.  Given Miami's recent (and almost a record) history of consecutive losses, the alumni felt the day was not lost - after all the weather was perfect.
Today is Octoberfest in Cincinnati and Bengals home game (vs San Diego). What a difference in weather also as the announcers contrasted this game from the historic Freezer Bowl AFC playoff game in 1981. 
How fun - Fall,  Football and .... for a statistician full of Facts. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Pitching Joy in Giving

This week was filled with Philanthropy. Four of the Social Venture Partners (Cincinnati)  cheered Lawn Life to a victory of $9,500 in the Philanthropitch competition of 10 SVP Affiliates. 
It was a fun evening punctuated with Texas BBQ that evening.  From the smiles you can see the contagious joy of giving that is generated when people join together in a community of giving together.