Tuesday, September 22, 2015

5C + B

Tonight was an evening of helping Ellen in World History and Math.  She is studying the history of the Middle East from 1100 to 2015 - almost 1000 years of conflict.  However the bulk of the facts she is required to learn 1948 - 2015 I have lived through (and studied as current events when I was a junior).  How humbling to know history - because you lived it!

Then pulling the Pre-Calc memories out of my faded Math degree, I attempted to show my prowess at story problems using algebraic expressions (e.g. 5C + B = f(x) ). Actually Ellen had to correct me several times. 

Thankfully, last night was good preparation for both Middle East  history and  basic algebra.  It was an evening  with J.P. and K.C. which we have labeled Boston Legal #6. The title came to be based on the humor, philosophy and friendship of the closing scenes of the old Boston Legal TV series. 

We tried to solve world problems (which focused primarily on the Middle East) and even did some math:

Company, Conversation, Communing, Cinema ..... and Cigars   +   Bourbon =  F(un)

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