Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Heaven Board Entry #3

I'm predicting entry #3 on my heaven board 10 years from now. It will be the three apple trees that appeared in our backyard yesterday.  It required some "hounding" of Susan who felt that planting them was just creating a "deer magnet".  I assured her that with Fitch and Bella there would be two diligent sentries to protect the trees. 

Yet last night I put an extra layer of protection up by hanging bars of Irish Spring soap.  Add to that the chicken wire arount the trunk, and deer repellant mixture on the ground - it is almost a complete failsafe and redundant set of systems to keep the deer away. 

Why Heaven board #3?  Fruit trees remind me of many of the places I have lived.  The beauty of seeing them blossom in the spring. Eating apples from the tree in the fall.  And the magic number three will remind me now of Susan, Jenna and Ellen.

So it will be important to me that these trees grow long and prosper.  And I can now feel like Johnny Appleseed.

5/15/2017 Update:   Sadly the middle tree died in the Winter of 2016 but to keep with tradition, I added two new trees - after all Jenna and Paul getting married in May will be a new relationship mix in the Wisner Family Orchard.  

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