Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gold Databytes

I hit the limit today (on data, patience and pocketbook).  My phone reads 2.101 GB (although with the hotspot plan I get an addtional 2GB).  And I hit my limit of what I am willing to pay for the gold databytes that travel through the air into my phone or computer.  I will be taking back the Motorola Droid Bionic and chalking this up to a lesson in speeds and data downloads. 

How a family of four can afford smartphones is a complete wonder to me.  In fact how businesses allow smartphone employee expenses is also a wonder to me.  I have spent literally a week analysing internet data speeds and costs and I have come to one conclusion -  too much money is being spent on internet access and usage.  And there are alot of people using free wi-fi access points to attempt to keep the internet access charges to a minimum.

Adding Ellen back in August to the cell phone monthly bill was a 2 yr and a minmum $1,200 decision (not including the Apps she will likely pay for over the two years).  The Droid experiment that is about to end would have been another $1,500 decision.  A quick way to commit yourself to a $3,000 "ball and chain" around your financial neck.  All for the gold of data flying through the sky - untethered by wires or wi-fi. 

Back in 1996 when I was consulting with telecommunication companies, we said in the future the average family would spend over $400/mth in telephone, cable, internet, and other content. 

That future is here and the number is now greater than $400/mth and growing. 

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