Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's all about APPs - (short for Applications- for the technology dinosaurs out there). 

Today was a day of searching around for Apps for the smartphone.  New things to do with a phone. But once the novelty wears off and the demonstrations to other dumb phone users ceases (everyone who just gets a smart phone - like you R.M.  - is so enthused they want to show all the Apps they just discovered), I wonder if it just becomes a phone, text and email device?

So I discovered that Nielsen has been monitoring us. 

The 7th most used App (26%) is the "Adv. Task Killer Free".   Hmm -  we all want to kill tasks!

If you look carefully at the uses - it's all about social media (connecting by text vs voice), voyeurism (You Tube, Twitter, etc.), listening to music, directions (maps), and weather.

Nothing has changed - we want to find a cafe on a warm day - listen to music, sip on a drink with a friend and watch people walk by.  Except both people have their smartphones out with their eyes and fingers glued to the screen.

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