Monday, December 5, 2011

Heaven Board Entry #4

"When a person is born into the world, he may be likened to a piece of charcoal.  Charcoal is soft and amorphous, so when sunlight falls on it, nothing is reflected.  Then, in the crucible of time, the charcoal becomes subjected to such intense heat and pressure that it is transformed into a diamond 'in the rough.' The stone's natural inner design is determined and marked.  The diamond is then carefully cut with many facets to emerge into the precious and radiant jewel.  Then, when rays of sunlight fall upon it, the colors of the rainbow are reflected, creating a magnificent symphony of beauty and radiance."

"So it is with each person born into the material world.  We may feel 'pressed and cut' by life's experiences and by the choices we make.  Then, however, we are 'born' to greater understanding: the humility our soul has achieved begins to reflect the light of divinity.  Perhaps this could be one reason why the God of Unlimited Love created the crucible called earth!  "

"Building Heaven is up to each of us"

Words Taken from:  "Wisdom from World Religions - Pathways toward Heaven on Earth" by Sir John Templeton
Photo by davmirsim's photostream "Cool as Ice" set on "White Rainbow Diamond" uploaded 5/26/2009

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