Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Political Holiday Dejavu

The political holiday games are again in action (see Dec 21,2009).  Today as I recovered from my self inflicted back ache, I decided to listen to Cspan Radio for the House debate and dislike over the Senate taking their toys and going home for Xmas.  So the blame game continues - everyone gets in front of a microphone to blame each other - point the finger and exert their retoric into threats. This time the threat is about taxes, unemployment, spending and doctor pay -  Dejavu!

The term bipartisan is used and misused by both sides.  The facts are, with the Tea Party Independents, there is no sense in using a word with "bi" in it - it should be tri-partisan support.   Getting three people to compromise and agree is something our system of government has not yet figured out. This is the new governance model that we will be living with for a while.

Meanwhile uncertainty continues.  We can  100% certain about one thing - until November 2012 there will be continuous uncertainty. 

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