Friday, December 2, 2011

Accenture Adventures

Last night  was the 11th reunion (unsanctioned) of old Cincinnati Accenture Alumni remembering their adventurous careers.  Something drives us all to return each year (at Arthurs) to smile, laugh and remember the adventures we all experienced together.  For me, it is the chance to see the faces of those that helped me, influenced me, and made a permanent mark on my personal path and the hope that I returned a small amount of what I received from them.

I thanked K.M when he remarked about some encouraging words I had made that had impacted his Accenture adventure.  E.L reminded me of the bleeding edge briefcase mobile phone  that I had used at the 1988 ATP Tennis match as I lamented about my technological regression in owning a obsolete cell phone without a data plan (while everyone else displayed their iphones).  R.F and I laughed about the personnel issues (e.g. hair style) and hidden rules of engagement.  And the stories go on and on.

This re-union has it's own culture - seeded by the shared values, attitudes, goals and practices of the historic growth of the A.S. (Administrative Services) Division of Arthur Andersen (that morphed into the MICD - Management Information Consulting Division; AC - Andersen Consulting; and finally after the breakup into Accenture).

Now there is no organizational goal, or mission/vision/values - just a culture of fun among aging adventurers.

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