Saturday, July 20, 2013

Gods Handwriting

Today was movie day for Ellen, Dayna, Dayton (the Hartley's last vacation visit day) and me (the girls went to see a chick flick, and the Dads to see the action flick).  The new scam at the movies is the surcharge for 3D movies.  When I inquired on the IMDb smart phone application there was not distinction noted for the playing times.  We were stuck - only 3D showings were available when we got to the theater. This new format is not worth the $3 surcharge, but for this action film it may have been worth it.

We watched Pacific Rim which is a merger of Aliens, Transformers, and Ironman. The movie (full of battle scenes) is a classic good against evil flick, attempting to save mankind from the Aliens.  When Jenna showed me the preview (it opened on her birthday), I was not real motivated to see it.  I was pleasantly surprised and even the 2 hours of 11 minutes of non stop action (nearly all battle scenes), did not make the movie boring.

The best line of the movie was during the argument between the two scientists - one biology, one physics/math.  "Numbers are the closest thing to God's handwriting" proudly claimed the physics/math scientist.  Naturally the statistician in me agreed.  Logic, theorems, proofs, numerology etc. the beauty of mathematics fits with nature.

For being such a relativist - there is always comfort in absolute and pure numbers  :)

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