Saturday, July 13, 2013

Scheduling Birthdays

Yesterday at around 3pm twenty two years ago, I remember distinctly the phone call from Susan.  It was a Friday afternoon and I was called out of a Partner/Manager meeting in the Accenture office downtown.  Susan voice sounded both scared and excited.  She informed me that Jenna was on the way.  Of course the skeptical side of me and methodical problem solving nature caused me to question the timing (after all this was over a month early).  Susan was not interested in my analysis -  GET MY BUTT HOME!

I jumped in the car and quickly got home loaded Susan in the back seat and drove to the hospital.  That evening was a planned poker night at T.T.'s house and a quick phone call let him know I would not be showing.  Jenna arrived  safely about 5pm that evening.  Susan and I had requested a single room (so that I could stay with her in the room) and were informed that there were none available - at which time Susan said she would be going home!  The hospital staff calmed her down and figured out a way we could be together until a single room vacated (about 1am Saturday morning).

Actually there was no mystery of why Jenna was a month early.  That year we had purchased a Box at the ATP Tennis tournament. Susan, once again, revealed her ability to schedule things perfectly - even birthdays.

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