Sunday, July 28, 2013

Michigan Day

Today was consumed with my Treasurer duties for the Indian Hill Boosters.  It was the 31st Antique Fair at Indian Hill High School (9am-4pm).  What a perfect day for the event - partly sunny in the low 60's during the morning only reaching a high of 72 and not much humidity in the air - it felt like Michigan.

As J.W. (Booster Board member) said, "If everyday were like today, we couldn't afford to live here :) "

Seeing over 900 people walk into the event, you could tell how weather affects every one's personality - I don't think I saw any frowns.  Something about a crisp partly (and mainly) sunny day puts everyone in a good mood - each person complimenting the other for bringing the good weather to all.

The day was capped off at our house with our Bible Study group sitting outside on the back patio enjoying an evening discussion and fellowship.

"The weather forecast for tonight? ........ Dark "   George Carlin

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