Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Virtual Smiling

A phone call to R.R. today created a flurry of smiling synapse explosions in my brain. Playing the initial joke on R.R. pretending I was an IRS agent from Cincinnati, was "dirty pool", but pays him back for the cherry bomb that he lit outside Clifton one evening back in 1979. 

Just hearing his descriptions of his now young adult children, I could see R.R.'s personality reflected.  I couldn't resist the cliché "The Acorn (or in R.R.'s case "NUT") doesn't fall far from the tree".  Yes, R.R. (like me) "marched to a different drummer" which is why when the two of us were together the stories should be on a "need to know basis only" (secrets in the vault).

R.R. gets credit for the reconnection.  He had stopped by the house while the family was away in Kansas - but did the right thing - left a note and his phone number.  I had last connected with R.R. in Atlanta over five years ago on one of Susan's buying trips for The Laurel House. 

So R.R. and I promised that we would physically reconnect in the next 10 years (after all we might only have 30+ remaining).  It was amazing how a 30 minute phone call can efficiently get you reconnected, and flood joyful memories into the mind ....... and how 40 years ago seems like moments ago.

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