Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Questions without Answers

I do enjoy the intellectual debate with J.P. on matters of philosophy, religion and politics.  However it is always dangerous to enter a discussion in a field of study with those who have devoted a life to debate.  So talking about social justice with J.P. will yield an infinite reference (the classic legal methodology of discovery) chaining back to the great philosophers, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato etc.  As a mathematician and study of Boolean Logic it is easy to get me motivated to play the debate game.

Since the beginning of intellectual thought, man has pondered virtue and existence - the early bloggers :)  These timeless questions have not been solved and I wonder what amount of progress can be measured on whether mankind is getting closer to the solution.  In mathematics it is the wonder of infinity.  The further along you get the farther infinity looks.

Each discussion with J.P. culminates in a flurry of emails, followed by a plateau of silence awaiting yet another reference and question.   It is the infinity of questions that demonstrate there are no absolute answers.

"A great lawyer is good about asking questions, even better in avoiding questions, and best at not knowing any answers."

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