Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Four Hole Buick

As I pulled out from La Rosas there was this fancy white car, with bright red trim speeding along. I said to S.S. - look at that antique beauty, is that a Chyrsler/Dodge - maybe a 65' Charger?  "No, S.S. replied, that is an old Oldsmobile". As the car turned I saw the defining marks - three emblems along the front fender.   Immediately I said "That's a Buick - three hole and no hit backs"

Actually that wasn't precise - since the game was "Four Hole Buick". As kids, D'lane, Vana and I would sit in the car and play "Four Hole Buick - no hit backs".  This was a game in the car (no DVD's or cell phones with data plans back then) where you diligently watched all the other cars looking for a Buick with four holes (most had only three). Once spotted, you had the priviledge of punching the person next to you, while announcing the sight of a Four Hole Buick.

You might ask - what are the holes for?  The precise term was "Ventiports" and  was introduced in the Buick in 1949.  VentiPorts put the driver at the controls of an imaginary fighter airplane.  Buick didn't use them functionally as ventilation for the engine and instead they signified the number of cylinders under the hood and/or the size of the car.

Sibling car games may be a relic of the past - maybe Buick should bring back the Ventiports and revive the game.

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