Monday, February 13, 2012

Dad's Workshop

One thing I can't claim is the title "Handy Man".  However, I come from a long line of Handy Men (probably due to the their rual upbringing where it required innovation and engineering skill to fix anything).  While visiting Dad, I brought several projects to complete.  His workshop (like his Dad's) is completely organized and ready for any possible project that presents itself.  Case and point, my project was a simple gluing project.  Dad pulled out eight different types of glue - Gorilla superglue, Fabric/Leather glue, Plastic glue, metal glue, all purpose Elmers glue and the list goes on.

One trait I have inherited from Dad is keeping all the items to be fixed (thinking sometime I might magically acquire the gene to become a "handy man").  So my garage is littered with items to be glued, to be re-inforced, to be analyzed, etc.  Also, I have this illusion that maybe I can use the broken item for spare parts - hence drawers full of stranded junk.  This desire to keep all items stems from Dad's creative ability to "fabricate" the fix with some odd stranded piece of junk.

So I have a garage full of available junk inventory, awaiting the proper skilled "Handy Man" to create it's solution to the puzzle.   The only problem ---------   finding it. :)

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