Monday, February 6, 2012

Heavenly Dancers

The Family attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts concert on Saturday.  It was the Christmas gift from me to the family.  I got the idea from B.E. ( my Vistage Buddy), who as a tradition, gives his family, each Christmas, some "family event" gift.  So it was timely when I received the promotional brochure in the mail in Mid December.  This was my start of a potential tradition.
The Chinese character for Shen is a general term for "divine" or "divine being" (Buddhas, and Taoist immortals who play different roles and color the canon of Chinese history).  Yun has a meaning far greater than it's literal translation - a dancer's style.  When put together it's about grace, compassion, and sublime beauty of heavenly realms. 

Indeed the concert was striking and an experience that won't be forgotten - the colorful outfits, the world class dancers, singers, and rich cultural traditions.  The tickets for five were pricey - $362.50 but worth the three hours of entertainment.

Even the poetry of the Soprano singing about predestination is intriguing:
"In the boundless sea of humanity, meeting is not easy
A chance meeting, a smile, linked by predestination
Calm your heart and come listen to the truth
You have been awaiting these words for thousands of years
The Dafa that rescues is being spread
All these spoken heavenly secrets are true." 

Worth seeing if they come to your town.

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