Sunday, February 12, 2012

Driving into Space

It was 8 below zero early Saturday morning as I watched the sunset rise on I-35 northeast just past Flint Hills.  "Hearts of Space" was playing on KAHN 87.9FM.  The warm heated seats of the car with a fresh cup of Starbucks Chai Latte created a veil of warmth inside and out.  I was only two hours into the twelve hour drive back to Cincinnnati - plenty of time to reflect on the wonderful visit with Mom and Dad. 

I was unfamiliar with "Hearts of Space" and the music was a perfect auditory compliment for the blanket of orange pastel infinitely placed into my eyes.  No talk - just "spaces between the notes".  Certain music has a way of quieting the soul, and this was a good venue.

I have come to enjoy soothing music while driving  (at 10:30pm on Tuesdays I listen to "Echos" when I return from Bridge).  Smooth Jazz on Susan's XM/Sirius radio is the favorite of the combined family.  In a future world of just listening to self selected Ipod playlists, I wonder how we will find the pleasant surprises of a random radio broadcast like that morning. 

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