Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Showers

A rainy Saturday prevented me from outside spring work.  This time of year as the snowbirds return to Cincinnati, the beauty is evident.  My lack of posts is not reflective of the percent of change in life events.  Jenna's engagement to Paul and a family trip to Portugal created distractions from taxes, the political circus, and my SVP Cincinnati activities (Fastpitch, Investee Selection, Full Throttle Membership campaign, and Keeneland Trip). 

The Crossroads "Brave Journey #2" has increased the spiritual disciplines and helped to prioritize the "first things first".  May will be equally filled with relationship activities including visits with McCord, Boston Legal, and the Wells Family Reunion. 

I'm always late to the popular shows and finally got around to watching the first five seasons of Downton Abbey (season six is not yet available on Amazon Prime).  Now that I watch everything with subtitles, I have created a list of vocabulary words (including the British slag expressions) that I believe 80% of the viewers had no clue what was said.  A future post will provide the test.

Even later to the game - Ellen and I are binge watching the five seasons of 2005 Prison Break (a Shawshank Redemption like story) in anticipation of a sixth season arriving this summer.

I don't even want to count up the viewing hours I've "invested" in internet streaming.  What a change from 40 years ago in entertainment delivery and consumption.  Has this time increased or just changed in daily routine?  

The average time spent watching TV (I wonder if this includes streaming) is 5.11 hours  (see Statistics Brain) and over your lifetime that will be 9 years.  An average youth spends 1200 hours per year watching TV and only 900 hours in school. 

Maybe we need more shows like Downton Abbey with vocabulary tests :)