Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lone Rain---ger Day

This was the first year I can remember a total rain out of the Indian Hill Fourth of July Parade and festivities.  In fact the rain storm started last night and has continued off and on all day today.  So what does one do when it rains continuously on the Fourth of July?   Ellen and I decided (with everyone else) to head to the Movie Theater to see the Lone Ranger.

The movie received some bad reviews but all 1960's boys will want to attend (after all we all had our holsters, gun, hat and of course mask).  I'm sure there were at least two years of Halloween trick or treating that I had in the Lone Ranger outfit.  The trouble with playing the Lone Ranger growing up is that only one person got to be the LONE RANGER and being second in line, I'm sure I was stuck as Tonto.

But Johnny Depp's entertaining performance as Tonto will create a whole new generation of kids playing where the second in line will become the Lone Ranger. The humor between the two partners made the film very enjoyable. Clearly the teasing between the two revealed that they were both "Kemo Sabes" - trusted friends.

The unanswered humorous trivia question at the end of the movie - what does Tonto mean in Spanish? 

The Lone Ranger Unmasked with Tonto on Horseback

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