Friday, December 23, 2011

Traditional Wisner Christmas Letter

  Wisner Family   - December 2011
It was Back to Basics for the Wisner's this year, with local activities focused on the simple things in life - family, home, community, and nature.  Our Family continues to be in good health and thankful for another year of time together.
Jenna (20)  - Was it a summer of P.R., or just good grades that resulted in Jenna's acceptance into U.C.'s Nursing School?  Her Entrepreneurial eBay Entry and Incentive In Investing doubled her savings.  And the reduced wait was not appreciated when Jobs delivered the iphone 4s (s - after sister) vs  5.  She hoped for a better statistic, but a 3.9 final quarter rounds to a 4.0 in my book.
Ellen (12) - Her tennis team bravery resulted in an iphone 4 (before s- for sister) with an iron clad data plan.  Continuing in middle school (7th grade) ,  she ignored the middle with all A's and a B+.  Choir and piano are the music of choice.  Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cake pops Consume the Kitchen Counter. 
Susan (>200 pts) - Passing over the bridge into a new civic role and garden - Susan gave the Christmas shoppers an "Aftershock" this year as the doors of Laurel House closed in January (no late start there).  With a heart of gold, Susan continued Emmaus activities, family room decorating, and billboard funding.   Stay tuned for the ultimate issue - the 2012 elections.
Garen (57) - Was it luck or a venue of a brand  (   W   )  new man? Acting like Daniel Boone in the forest, he enjoys  the 5:35am walks in his Woodford Reserve or the Saturday excursions to Grand Valley.   Garen practiced his statistics on Jenna and District 13-D polling this year.  Susan still believes he is full of data.
Bella & Fitch (10 mo) - Nellie's legacy could only be matched with double the pleasure.  With weekly Federal Express packages of fun, these two siblings make the WWF look like amateurs.   Rocky and Rambo are now just pussy cats in comparison.
Traditions come (three apple trees in our forest) and Traditions go (ATP Tennis box seats) but family, friends and community remain our connection to a purpose.  We are grateful for each year of growth and our prayer is that your seeds planted today bear the first fruits of tomorrow.
         Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
                  "Anyone can count the seeds in an apple .... 
        but only God can count the number of apples in a seed."   
                                                                               Robert H. Schuller


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