Monday, December 26, 2011

Two Apples

Now there are two apples in the family - Jenna and Ellen.  Today was a big day for Ellen.  After saving her money for over one year (and not receiving the expected laptop for Xmas) she decided to purchase the 11.6 in MacBook Air ($999 retail) So precisely at 8am this morning, I drove Ellen to the mall to buy the laptop.  The Apple store was relatively busy but we were waited upon immediately.

Apple's "trojan horse entries" continues to wear at the Microsoft giants monopoly fortress.  The ipod, itouch, iphone, and ipad device proliferation is driving people to Apple - step by step.  A brilliant long term strategy. 

In a rare move, I patiently listened to the English major Apple Store Representative walk me through the one-to-one program, and the extended warranty.  I actually decided to pass on the one-to one program but bought the extended warranty and technical support ($249 less $66 and $50 support visit discount).  The HP Officejet 3054A was $99.95 with a $100 rebate.  So the damage after taxes, rebates, discounts etc. will be over $1,200.   For a 1.6hz processor and 64 Gig, it was a premium price. 

It just shows you that if Xmas morning doesn't yield the electronic gadget you hoped for, just wake up early the next day and get your apple.

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