Sunday, January 1, 2012

Long Journey - Back

The start of this new year was a good day from my long journey back - from back aches.

For 16 days, I have been popping pills, laying in bed, and gingerly attempting to recover from a muscle pull.   My attempt in mid December to pull a 440lb drum of  Nanocleanse up 18 inches to the higher shipping dock was the error. 

The real error was forgetting my age.  Pain can be a powerful way to remind you to change behaviors (and 16 days of it has permanently etched it's lesson in my memory).  It also creates a real feeling  of compassion (the actual simulation of their pain) to others who mention they are having back pains.

It is interesting how little anything means when your health is suffering.  You would think 16 days of an opportunity to read, "relax", be waited upon, watch TV, etc. would be like the ultimate vacation.  But with constant pain (or drugs impairing your mind), there is really no vacation at all.

It's good to be "BACK" from "vacation"  :)

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