Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Medicine Cabinet

Mitt Romney has said he will release his tax returns in April (maybe) and Newt Gingrich will release his tomorrow.

We all suffer from curiousity of other peoples private affairs.  It is like the temptation of snooping in someone's bathroom medicine cabinet.  What business is it of ours to know any public figure's personal finances?  And why are we so curious?  The human condition is to compare ourselves with others -  whether it is about self esteem; the herd effect; finding juicy gossip, or relative happiness. I remember how curious I was to see the charitable deductions of Bill Clinton, or Al Gore during their presidential campaigns. 

The reality is that we, ourselves become polluted when we see the private data of others.  I remember Susan telling me the toughest part of being the Controller of the United Way was seeing all the payroll data (and the inherent inequities).  As Chair of Finance at our church I had to dig into the Stewardship data for collection purposes.  Luckily all the detail you tend to forget as you try to eliminate judgemental  thoughts about members. 

There are just some things you don't need to know, don't really want to know, and no better than to ask for.

So when will the candidates publically share what's in their medicine cabinet at home.  :)


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