Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Arrives

Three days ago the weather was so mild I commented that maybe North Carolina winter climate might be preferable.  Now with a light skift of snow on the ground and 20 degrees F it feels more like a Cincinnati January. 

Susan was concerned about the Fitch and Bella (our  outdoor black lab dogs) who have in/out access to the garage.  I told her it is rare that water bowl in the garage would freeze so not to worry.  Regardless she installed a light bulb to shine above the dog pad and plugged in an old space heater that we used with Nellie (our previous black lab dog).  My second argument was to describe the living arrangement of Rowdy (a hunting dog my Grandfather loved).  In the most bitter windchill days in Oklahoma, all that Rowdy had was his outdoor dog house with some straw or cedar chips.

Looking at the dogs playing with each other this morning - rolling in the snow and soaking in the warm rays of sunshine, it is clear they are comfortable outsisde in their winter undercoats. 

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