Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Delighting the Customer

What a refreshing call to Cincinnati Bell Telephone.  When I called at 11:09 there were long wait times so I was given the option to be called back within 25 minutes - which I took.  At 12:14 (oops they had missed the window), I was called back only to be put on hold for about 45 seconds.  It is these little things that escalate the irritation of the customer. 

Elizabeth came on the phone asking me my full name and we began the discussion.  I told her that I felt $10 credit for three months was my expectation or that I would be considering discontinuing service.  She acknowledged that my file was full of repair notes and that this had been going on for quite a while (I mentioned to her since March 2010). 

Now here is how you turn irritation into "delight".  Elizabeth said she would be crediting my account $35 AND discounting my internet bill to $20/mth for the next year or until the service is completely fixed.  WOW!!  was my response.  I asked her how long she had worked at Cincinnati Bell - she said two years.  Not only am I impressed with her customer service style (listening, asking if service was meeting my expectations now, and acknowledgement of my issue), I am impressed with CBT's policy to let a 2 year rep make the customer service judgement and dollar authorization of $215 ($35 credit and $15/mth for 12 mths).

And it avoided the potential disconnect of the wireline.  Just last night Jenna and I were trying to convince Susan to eliminate our wireline service and use an extra Verizon wireless phone at home. Susan was wavering and if this call had not gone well, I would have eliminated all CBT service.

And how many people will hear this story-  as many that will listen or read a blog.  Well done Cincinnati Bell.

Addendum -  I forgot mention why I was so impressed with Elizabeth.  After my delight, I mentioned to Elizabeth that I was anxiously awaiting Fiberoptics to my house so I could get higher speeds and cable content. However that I knew because of the low density that my house would be the last in Cincinnati connected.  She responded that if I got a bunch of my neighbors together and communictated this to Cincinnati Bell that there might be a chance that the service would be come faster to my community.  WOW - not only delighting the customer by attempting to sell more Cincinnati Bell service and loyalty.  I'm double-ly impressed.

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