Monday, September 12, 2011

Sounds Around - or Surround

When P.H. (Vistage Bud) handed me the Phil Collin's concert DVDs, I asked the question "What's the better audio - Digital Dolby or DTS?"  I had been wondering this ever since I purchased and installed my Sony Home Theater (HT-IS1000) system several years ago.  I had just never gotten around to do the research. 

Now that I have moved the Sony KDS 50A2000 SDRX  TV downstairs (awaiting a new 3-D TV upstairs), I had to reconnect the 50 wires to my complicated HD-DVD; Playstation; VCR/DVD Combo; and Time Warner DVR set tops and Sony Surround Sound Headphones.  But what to use for sound when not using the headphones. Since I had an old Samsung DVD/Surround Sound System, I decided to use it downstairs. 

Hours of complicated troubleshooting - optical digital cables with three way switch; wireless rear speakers; menu settings on all set-top boxes  - it takes a virtual audio/video technician now days to configure the components together compatiably. 

Add to that the complication of wondering if HDMI cables with the different certifications were causing the lack of digital audio sound coming from the TV (after all the Best Buy Rep informed me that 3-D video requires HDMI 1.4 compatible cables).

I do enjoy all this complication.  It is like a puzzle - and attempting to get to the perfect audio environment.  It reminds me of the early days of talking to my Dad about stereophonic sound and 3 head recording.  It amazes me how we continue to strive to get recorded sounds to perfectly match what we hear naturally with our ears.

Sounds good!

P.S.  The anwser to Dolby vs DTS?
"In other words, you need a thoroughly refined home theater audio playback setup to bring out the subtle difference in sound quality between these two formats."

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