Friday, August 26, 2011

Four Fortunes

For Ellen's 12th Birthday she picked P.F. Changs for the celebration dinner followed by a father/daughter excursion to the Creamery for desert.  It was a wonderful evening.  At the end of dinner the fortune cookies arrive on the plastic tray.  I've always wondered whether people jump to "pick their fortune" or defer to the last cookie of choice fortune.  This time I decided to wait for the "fortune of default".

Mine was:  "Take the advice of a faithful friend".   How appropriate - similar to the advice I received October 8, 2009 Faithful Friend

Advice is a dangerous thing - both asking for it and giving it.  I told K.C. the other day that I have found that giving advice doesn't do much good AND that even when someone asks for advice, it is better to not provide it.  Interestingly my fortune doesn't say - ask for the advice -- only take the advice. 

And the other three fortunes:
Susan - "Patience is the key to joy"
Jenna - "A sound mind and healthy body bring many happy events to your family"
Ellen - "You were born with a six sense and superb insight"

Four Fortunes - For Family

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