Friday, March 19, 2010

Coonskin Hats

My brother and I both had the coonskin hats and re-enacted the Alamo in many backyard settings. Fess Parker (who died today at age 85) is the etched icon in most of the baby boomers brains as the true Davy Crockett. 

Coincidentally last night I watched "The Boomers" CNBC program by Tom Brokaw where it mentioned that 5000 coonskin hats per day were selling.  The Boomer years 1946-1964 first hit over 4 million births in 1954 and didn't drop below that level until 1965
I'm more interested now in the "Echo" generations - babies of the boomers.  Using the magic 4 million birth number there are two "echos"  -  Births from 1990 - 1993  and 2000 - 2009 (so far) with 2007 as the all time record of 4,317,119 new USA births (beating out 1957's record of 4,308,000).   

Harry S. Dent in his 1993 book "The Great Boom Ahead" superimposed the S&P 500 data with USA Birth Rates (lagged by 46 years - the end of the peak spending years) - called the baby boomer spending wave theory.  Jenna born in 1991 is right in the middle of the first echo and in three more years will start her own spending cycle (age 22 -46). 

Be patient - a new spending wave is coming.  I hear the echo.


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