Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Connect the Dots

As a statistician, I know that coincidences and random connections are more prevalent than the human mind can comprehend.  Conspiracy theories and our constant desire to connect cause with effect is just human nature.  But there is something mysterious about when the "dots connect" in our brain.

I just finished the book - "Give to Live" by Douglas M. Lawson who referenced Dr. Oliver Sacks book and the movie Awakenings (which I watched last night).  And as the movie began ----what do I hear - my favorite artist Randy Newman's music.  Earlier that evening I had watched the PBS documentary about the "Lobotomist"  and  Walt Freeman so it was a sobering night of seeing the challenge of treating mental illness.

So in my brain several "dots connect" - it feels interestingly coincidental.  I have been spending time reading, researching the brain and happiness - so it really isn't random after all.   

So what picture will emerge as the dots connect?

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