Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flow - Go with it

While driving back from Kiawah, I was listening to the audio book "Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman.  He referenced the psychology term "Flow"  for one of the features of Happiness in the present (vs past and future).  I always used the term "in the groove" and Paul Heagan (my Vistage buddy) uses the Rock Bank term "in the Zone". 

I like the term flow  (coming from metaphor of water current carrying you along).  So when are you "in the flow"?
For me it relates to mathematics, research and problem solving.  I lose track of time and there can be a feeling of comfort in the process.  Other times include a sunny afternoon, completely quiet setting with the wind blowing in the trees. 

I remember the psychologists talking to the senior managers at Accenture during a training session about work and life balance.  He said - find the place that heals you.  To me that is a part of flow also.

Go to your place of flow.

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