Saturday, March 20, 2010

Congressional Barons

I was reviewing a draft speech by Jack Painter to be delivered on April 15th when I was overtaken by my own passion of what I think is wrong with Government today - too many representatives in office too long.

We have traded a Monarchy for a system of "Congressional Barons"  (Jack came up with this term during our conversation).  I strongly believe we need term limits and would rather accept the risk of inexperience over the temptation of power created by longevity in office.

Even my own years at Accenture proved to me the vaguaries of time.  After about 3 years at a client, I began to be ineffective.  I would talk like the client, think like the client and begin to narrow my vision into the client's tunnel of darkness.

The Health Care vote is moments away (Sunday is the ETL - Estimated time of Legislation).  The Congressional Barons will convene from their smoke filled back rooms. They are not elite, secret, rich power brokers like those depicted in "Captain and the Kings".  No they are our voted in representatives voicing our collective territorial vote.

Open to our input; collecting the views of their constituency; voting the way the majority of us would want on the issue at hand. No differences, No exceptions - BAR NONE  -  or is it Baron?

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