Thursday, March 4, 2010

Collective Choices

I heard on NPR the other day someone state that "Our lives are made up of our collective choices".  I visualize this as one gigantic decision tree diagram with an infinite set of "limbs".  Each decision creating a dependency or a previous cause to the effect.  

I remember an annual review at Accenture when I asked a Partner how he made decisions faced with uncertainties and potentially misguided facts.  His answer was very practical -  today's decision is based on available information weighed against the value of new information from waiting another day.  Will more information create a better decision?

So if you could see your tree diagram choices expanded through time, you could conceivably navigate a better path (life) by choosing today's "choice" based on it's affect in time today.  But the tree changes dynamically as new information arrives (others making choices that are unexpected). 

So your life is not just your collective choice - it is our collective choice. The quote was correct using the word "Our".

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