Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Person - One Equal Vote

Ohio is projected to lose two representatives in Congress after the 2010 census and apportionment  - as the retirees rush to maintain residency in Florida and jobs move to other states.  Ohio's representatives (now at 18) was as high as 24 in the 1960's  (Florida has double from 1960's 12 to 25 today and 27 projected). 
I decided to research my emotions of "Congressional Barons" with facts.  There have been 86 "Career" politicians in the House and/or Senate (some are no longer alive) with tenure of over 36 years (Robert Byrd at age 92 has the record of over 57 years).  Term limits would avoid the need to have mandatory retirement rules.

The Constitution stipulated the Number of Representatives shall not EXCEED one for every thirty
Thousand, but each State shall have at Least one Representative. Today a Representative speaks for an average of 650,000 people.

I would guess some of the desire to keep representation at about 1 per 30,000 in the late 1700's was due to communications, territorial travel time etc. etc.  I personally like the 1700's ratio because it also creates a neighborhood representative mentality.  

 I think it is time to apply better technology to our system of
representation. For certain votes we should just allow the individual to vote their opinion - not secede this to a third party.

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