Friday, June 11, 2010

Tear it apart

I learned from my Dad that after you have tried everything to fix the ____________ (you enter whatever you want - mower, TV, Stereo, Computer etc.), then just "tear it apart" to see how it works. It could be a guy thing or even an engineer thing. Wondering what is inside the black box. I think this is why my Dad's workshop has every spare part known to mankind.

So in that tradition, I have the Sony TC-200 1960 reel to reel tape recorder partially opened up. First to lubricate and who knows what next. After hours of review of tapes the rewind function no longer works and the 3 3/4 speed was slowing down - I guess after 50 years the player is tired.

There may still be enough life in the player to transfer the 1966 Xmas table discussion of the family to digital format. If not, a simple package to will do the trick for $20.

So the Sony T-200 will avoid a complete lobotomy.

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