Monday, June 7, 2010


I have always enjoyed the game of Monopoly (after all this was listed in a blog as story #9). We played it in college and I made some guys pretty mad on some of my negotiation tactics. Winning the game is about total dominance and control - HENCE Monopoly. You get all the money, all the property - you own the board. And the game ends.

"Let's play again" says the Monopolist. But there is no one left - the board is empty. There is no more property to be acquired, no more money to be made, no more tokens to pass Go and collect salary. The only alternative is to start over or as John Ortberg says "It all goes back in the box".

Today the Monopoly board returns to the RED212 third annual BillandWarrenDay. I have had the privilege of seeing the Monopoly board (signed by Warren Buffet) in my office for the year. I figure - why monopolize the framed board.

Let it play again --- This time for more money :)

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