Wednesday, June 16, 2010


What's the fine line between constructive discussion and criticism?

This morning it was all about the discussion of the burning of "Touchdown Jesus"- the 62 foot foam and fiberglass statue at the Solid Rock Church. Wow - the criticism was burning higher than the flames on Monday evening.The comments about spending the money more appropriately; creating graven images; etc. kept the critical ball bouncing continuously in the air.

Critics are really judges in disguise. People who feel the power of right and absolutism in an issue over others. When does opinion become critical. Susan tells me it is about tone, style and deliver. Some critics are smooth and can disguise their critical comments in sarcasm, humor or even benevolent tone.

Did you hear the one about the critic. He was in the aluminum boat with two other people discussing "Touchdown Jesus" when a lightning storm hit. I know just how to handle this, he said as he stood up and raised his hands to the sky. "HERE I AM LORD, LET ME HAVE IT". Needless to day, God delivered. The other two passengers survived with minor burns.

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