Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lightning strikes twice

Lightning stories are fascinating to us. Monday added yet another story to my portfolio - the blow out of the invisible dog fence (must mean it is now visible) and garage electrical receptacle. I'll bet you have had a "brush with lightning" also.

I decided to find out the frequency of lightning strikes (see picture). Florida has a "Lightning Alley" where there are 50 strike per sq. mile per year. My favorite visual of lightning is while driving at dusk near Dallas, Tx - absolutely beautiful.

Lightning always precedes thunder. Count the seconds between the flash and when you hear the thunder. For every 4.6 seconds the lightning is a mile away. Since you can only hear thunder up to 12 miles - suffice it to say, the lightning is close regardless.

I've always said the sound of thunder is God talking - so the sight of lightning is ........

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