Sunday, March 16, 2014

Searching for Cures

The flu bug has a way of blocking all activities - including blogging (I've been slammed now for a week).  Now that I've recovered,  you can hear me saying that I should just get the preventative shot to avoid this ordeal ever again. Yet each year I talk myself out of the shot when  I hear the war stories (like the one I heard this morning at Church from L.S.) of people who have unfavorable reactions to the vaccine.

This year instead of looking at the CDC data, I was curious how google predicts flu activity.  Google uses search data to determine the location, extent, and severity of the flu each year.

Clearly, this year's flu season has been milder than last year.  Somehow, I was just one of the unlucky minorities. 

The real question is .....  what else is google predicting based on our searches?

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